The importance of prayer


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    The importance of prayer

    Post by anisa on Sun Apr 06, 2008 9:05 am

    The importance of prayer

    Prayer in Islam has a great importance, this can proved by the following:

    1- It is the second element of Islam.

    2- It is the first thing to be asked about on the day of resurrection , if prayer is accepted then all man’s work will be accepted and if it is not accepted all his work will not be accepted either.

    3- It is a distinguishing sign for pious (devoted) believers as Allah says: “and perform prayer “( surat Al-Bakkara/ verse 3).

    4- This who preserves prayer preserves his religion, and this who abandons it loses his religion.

    5- Islam is in man’s heart as far as prayer is in his heart and his share in Islam equals his share of prayer.

    6- It is a sign of loving Allah and appreciating His Blessings.

    7- Allah The Almighty ordered us to preserve it whether we are traveling or staying, during war and peace and whether we are ill or healthy.

    8- Texts declare that who abandons prayer is a disbeliever (an atheist). Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said “what lies between a man and atheism is abandoning prayer “(Musli

    “(Muslim accounts) and said “prayer is the commitment between us, who abandons it disbelieves - becomes a disbeliever or becomes an atheist – (Ahmad and people of norms “sunan” account). When this who abandons prayer dies he is considered an atheist, he is not washed nor enshrouded, no one prays for him, he is not buried in Muslims’ graves, his relatives do not inherit from him and his money goes to beit al-mal (where the money of Muslim states is kept) in addition to other similar provisions that apply to those who abandon prayer.

    yes , even high over the clouds moslems do the prayer ; they seek the pleasure of Allah and the peace of mind
    God says in the Holy Quran what means " Men whom neither merchandise nor sale beguileth from remembrance of Allah and constancy in prayer and paying to the poor their due; who fear a day when hearts and eyeballs will be overturned"(24:37.)
    Even children like to do it , prophet Mohummed ordered that children should be learnt how to pray .
    No matter where they are , they like it . It brings them close to God
    Nothing beguiles them .They never forget their connection with God . The spiritual feeling in their heart search for a way to materialize and the best is the Moslem prayer
    yes , they are at war ; they may have been angry , they may have been thirsty , they may have missed their family ; they may have been at feart of the horrible distructive weapons and nothing can relieve these pains but Salat . It is true , when you do the Moslem prayer you feel you entity close to God - it is something that beggers description
    perhaps , they were about to travel ; perhaps they had short time but what could quench the love of Allah but the Moslem prayer ?!!!
    Wait , wait -where are they ? though it is not incumbent in such a situation , but they refuse to miss the contact with God . How lovely
    One of the merits Islam that God vouchsafed on us is that He made the earth a place suitable to prayer , prophet Mohummed says " wherever the time for the prayer comes upon you , perform the prayer ; for all the earth is a place of worshipping for you.
    They fear none but God . What on earth could prevent a true believer from doing prayer ? They should understand what Islam is ; how could be a person who is in complete submission to God be a terrorist ?!!
    See how long the row is , see how much they adhere to God's injunctions ; think what made those people to stop their cars to do the prayer . Though they could deter the prayer till they go home , they wish nothing but the contact of God , in their daily life they aspire for nothing but God's pleasure . yes , to them life should stop and their love and sbmission to God go -How beautiful this life is!! how beautiful is the land where they prostrate themselves - Those are the Moslems who never forget their Creator.
    The mosque is completely filled , those Moslem take a place around the mosque to do their prayers . Prostration is a symbole of the complete submission and humilityto God , In moslem 's humility a declaration of no greatness but to Allah , self-conceit and self-importance die away .

    They pray while another soldier defends their back - In such an extreme cold , they never forget to pray , they need the prayer that relieve thier pains .with hearts filled with love and wormth , they have prostrated themselves to God on the icy land .
    They are not playing , look at their face ; with eyes downwards , with heads bowing they submit themselves to God - Kids but with hearts of men
    Man can be closest to God only when prostrating himself

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